BST Environmental Consultancy is made up of a team of experienced consultants that provide a number of services, to help you achieve Smarter | Greener Working. We offer knowledge, experience and support through tailor-making the right programme for your organisation, including external and in-house workshops and an advisory service. But we too have an environmental vision, just like every organisation! So find out here how we intend to reach our aims, through our own environmental policy.

Our Vision

BST Environmental believes that the transition to a greener economy is key in helping to resolve many of the global environmental issues we face today. Some of these issues include climate change, and the growing cost (and scarcity) of resources.

We understand that in order to be successful firms have to adapt to a fast changing economic, environmental and regulatory environment. Our vision is to help organisations through this process of change, and to contribute to greener, smarter and more efficient businesses and communities.

BST Environmental will continue to ensure that sustainability is embedded within all our practices, enabling us also to be better equipped to help organisations through their transition to greener business practices.

John Breach of BST and Ingrid Horn of GYI accept Best Environmental Business in Bromley 2012 Award from Lucy Siegle


John Breach (left) of BST and Ingrid Horn (right) of GYI Hair Salon accept the award for Best Environmental Business, from Lucy Siegle.

Our Aims

  1. To help organisations and communities reduce their adverse environmental impacts through increased awareness, behaviour change and technological improvements.
  2. To help organisations and communities reduce their operational costs, via energy and resource efficiency.
  3. To help organisations and communities become more effective through smarter use of technology, resources and staff
  4. To offer practical solutions that are accessible to most, to ensure that the benefits can reach widely into our communities.
  5. To be a successful and sustainable business which exemplifies the values and behaviours which we encourage others to adopt.