QuickStart Online Working

Make your online conferences better than the real thing!

Running a conference under normal circumstances can be a tricky affair (taking care of late-arriving conferees, sorting out presentations that don’t run properly, etc.). However, running one in an on-line, virtual environment adds a new level of technical complexity as well as the challenge of communicating among conferees in the (sometimes) unfamiliar world of Zoom on-line meetings.

QuickStart Online Working is a collaboration between Vue IT Training, BST Environmental, and Getting Greener Consulting to help clients adapt quickly and reliably to the sudden demands of remote working and online meetings and conferences. We offer a managed service to relieve conference organisers of the headaches of troubleshooting technical and minimising communication issues, thereby letting them concentrate on delivering their messages to their audience in as smooth a manner as possible. Key elements of the service include:

· Contact registered conferees by text or email within one hour of the conference start to remind them.

· Help conferees enter the conference into a virtual “waiting room” and ensure they have the correct audio and video settings on their devices.

· Intercept late-arriving conferees (or those who have been disconnected and must rejoin) and place them discreetly into the conference.

· Ensure that any presentation materials (PowerPoint, YouTube videoclips) are functioning properly. Manage launching and advancing the presentation as prompted by presenters.

· Intervene to help any conferees who may be having difficulty connecting to the conference.

· Organise and manage virtual “breakout rooms” where conferees can discuss issues between presentations.

· Monitor the chat and alert the conference speaker “behind the scenes” to any issues or questions.

We offer a tailored set of training, hosting and consultancy services based on our combined experience of managing large scale, multi-media online meetings to meet the particular needs of your business. Here are some other services we offer to help you make the most of your on-line conferences:

Presenter/host coaching

Helpful tips on technique and presentation design to enhance the clarity of your message and the interaction among your conferees.

Pre-conference user preparation

One-on-one sessions with conferees who are new to Zoom on-line conferencing to ensure their devices are properly set up and they are familiar with the main Zoom functions.

Post-conference archiving

Receive an easy-to-watch recording of the conference presentations and conferee chat without any pauses, glitches, or “dead time”. Can optionally include a “video index” for easily navigating to specific moments in the conference.

“Highlight” clips

Short (2-3 minute) clips can be useful promotional tools for use on websites or on social media.

For further information including pricing of standard and customised options please contact:

John Breach +44 7802 936802 john.breach@bstenvironmental.co.uk