John Breach: Lead Consultant

John became interested in the potential environmental benefits of ICT in 2010 while helping communities and SME's reduce their carbon footprint and associated costs. He is interested in the ways in which document sharing and communications software can help organisations work more effectively and with reduced environmental impact. He has successfully implemented this concept in the running of his own business and supported many others through the same process. He is also exploring similar concepts within community groups and the potential of ICT to increase inclusion and community-level engagement, with consequent social and environmental benefits.

John has also done extensive work on the benefits of staff engagement and behaviour change in reducing an organisation's environmental impact.


  • Practitioner of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (PIEMA)
  • Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies, Centre for Alternative Technology.
  • BSc Hons - Physical Science, University of Surrey

Will Faas: Sustainability Consultant

After nearly 30 years of experience in senior roles in marketing and product management in ITC companies in the U.S., France, and the U.K. William came to realise that sustainability was fundamental to his life and to everyone else’s. While marketing airport automation systems he discovered how airports were striving to reduce their carbon footprints despite the massive strain on the environment of their core activity. Deciding that he needed a change of direction he took a year out to get an MSc in Environmental Management for Business from Cranfield University. He offers a unique blend of skills: customer facing and project management skills developed over many years along with a broad knowledge of the latest environmental best practices from the highly-reputed programme at Cranfield. He likes helping businesses find small, under-appreciated ways to save energy and reduce waste which add up over time. A dual U.S. and French national, William resides with his wife in Cuckfield, West Sussex. He enjoys cycling and spending time in Paris with his grand-daughters.